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Researcher: John Wenz, DVM, MS
Launched: 2014

Problem: Veterinarians do not have a reliable way to track outcomes of the health management techniques used on dairy cows.

Solution: A health record database that imports and evaluates data from existing dairy management software to determine outcomes of health management. This gives the veterinarian more information about the effectiveness of treatments, and the impact of disease on cow productivity.

Impact: Veterinarians can use the evaluations to ensure consistent, effective health management. Currently the company manages data from nearly 200,000 cows and calves, serving 19 dairy farms and four calf ranches.

“This report was exactly what I needed to have a discussion about a virus on the farm. There is no way I could have generated those reports on my own.”

– Dairy veterinarian from Minnesota on using HEALTHSUM

Dr. John Wenz
Dr. Wenz visiting a dairy.

Recent developments: The company has started offering a data capture service on a Samsung tablet that allows information about diseases and treatments in dairy calves to be recorded and sent to HEALTHSUM in real time.

Looking ahead: The company is developing a website that will expand access to HEALTHSUM beyond word of mouth. Dr. Wenz would also like to provide a cloud-based complete dairy management solution, and expand services to other livestock operations.

Dr. Wenz has worked with WSU’s Office of Commercialization through the process of disclosing his invention, securing patents, finding funding, and other parts along the commercialization pathway. Contact the office if you have an innovation you’d like to take to market.