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The WSU Entrepreneurial Faculty Ambassadors are comprised of faculty with significant experience in translational research and technology commercialization at WSU.

Collectively they offer a substantial resource for faculty interested in learning more about how to design, develop, fund and implement efforts to transform research into products and services that benefit the public. The EFA is a Presidential Commission and its mission is based on recommendations from WSU’s external review of innovation and entrepreneurship activities (ERIE).

Please click here if you would like to recommend someone as a member of the EFA.

Welcome 2019 EFA Members

Name Designation Department Email
Patrick Adam
Postdoc Res. Associate MME
Mark Beattie
Associate Professor School of Hospitality
Bus. Management
Bruce Williamson-Benavides
Graduate Student Graduate School
Dedra Buchwald
Professor/Director ESF College of Medicine
Lynne Carpenter-Boggs
Professor Crop and Soil Sciences
Asif Chaudhry
Vice President International Programs
Aurora Clark
Professor MSEP
Chris Cooney
Clin. Assistant Professor College of Communication
Rebecca Cooney
Clin. Assistant Professor
/ Director
College of Communication
Chris Coppin
Associate Dean ESF College of Medicine
Howard Davis
Clin. Assistant Professor
/ Director
David Gang
Professor/Director Institute of Biological Chemistry/ CAHNRS
Girish Ganjyal
Associate Professor School of Food Science
Brad Gaolach
Associate Professor / Director
Metro Center for Applied Research and Extension/CAHNRS
Janessa Graves
Assistant Professor College of Nursing
JJ Harty
Engineering Tech Fine Arts
Maria de Jesus Dixon
Director College Success Programs
Matt Jockers
Dean and Professor CAS
Babu  John Mariadoss
Associate Professor College of Business
Squeak Meisel
Associate Professor /
Dept. Chair
Fine Arts
Sterling McPherson
Associate Professor ESF College of Medicine
Charles Moore
Professor/Dept. Chair CAS/Dept. Math & Statistics
Chuck Pezeshki
Professor/Director MME
Ian Richardson
Postdoc WRF
Shyam Sablani
Associate Professor /
Dept. Chair
Biological Systems Engineering
Arvin Sahaym
Associate Professor College of Bus. Dept. of Management, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship
Brandon Sitzmann Director International Programs
Ed Sala
Asst. Exec. Director University Publishing
Shannon Scott
Assistant Professor School of Music
Rebecca Vandevord
Assistant Vice President Academic Outreach
and Innovation
Kevin Vixie
Associate Professor CAS – Dept. of Math
Sharon White
Asst. Director Marketing Communications
Ming Xian
Associate Chair/Professor Dept. of Chemistry
Holly Henning-Yeager
Assistant Professor CAHNRS – Ag. and Food Systems
Susan Collins
Assistant Professor Psychology
Pete Jacoby
Professor Crop and Soil Sciences
Carolina Torres
Associate Professor Tree Fruit Research Extension Center
Debbie Lee
Regents Professor English
Tiffany Reiss
Clinical Associate Professor Education
Porismita Borah
Associate Professor Communication
Jan Boll
Professor Engineering and Architecture
Miles Pepper
Engineering Shops Manager Engineering and Architecture
Eric Rogers
Director Purchasing
Anthony Gromko
Acting Director and Assistant Professor WSU Snohomish County Extension and Community & Economic Development
Heidi Medford
Innovation Advancement and Partnerships Coordinator WSU Spokane