Researcher: Dan Rodgers, PhD
Launched: 2015

Problem: Over 70 million people suffer from muscle wasting disease, in one form or another, and this costs the health care industry over $500 billion annually, yet there are currently no viable treatments.

Solution: Actriiex, a drug that targets and blocks biochemical events initiated by myostatin and other growth inhibitory hormones that cause degeneration in muscle and the heart.

Impact: Actriiex shows promise for treating a syndrome known as cancer cachexia, which causes the breakdown of muscles, weakens the heart and occurs in up to 80 percent of cancer patients. If successful, Actriiex could also be applied to other causes of muscle wasting such as AIDS, heart failure, various muscular dystrophies and myopathies, and the natural aging process.

Recent developments: Rodgers is conducting the last validation test needed to secure the FDA approval required to move into toxicology testing, which is the next step towards clinical trials with patients.

Looking ahead: Once he has received the FDA approval for toxicology testing, Dr. Rodgers will be looking for SBIR funding, corporate partnerships, and private investment to continue moving Actriiex towards human clinical trials. Learn more about the FDA approval process.

Read more about the development of Actriiex and AVVogen here.

Dr. Rodgers has worked with WSU’s Office of Commercialization through the process of disclosing his invention, securing patents, finding funding, and other parts along the commercialization pathway. Contact the office if you have an innovation you’d like to take to market.