Greek yogurt is the fastest growing dairy product line in America. The benefits of yogurt consumption are well-documented, but Greek yogurt production results in a large amount of acidic whey; a byproduct that the yogurt industry has no economic use for.

A WSU food science team has developed a solution: a tasty new low-calorie beverage that provides a boost of protein and potassium. The sports drink reduces food waste while also giving the yogurt industry a new revenue stream.

Team Semplice, which includes faculty, students and post-doctoral fellows, has proprietary recipes validated by consumer taste panels (including many focused on international palettes) and is ready to partner locally, nationally, and internationally to bring their product to market. The team won first place at WSU’s Business Plan Competition, and will participate in the 2017 CleanTech Showcase pitch round.

Innovation and entrepreneurship at WSU

Team Semplice is a true example of how WSU research and entrepreneurship improves regional economies while also addressing global challenges. WSU is dedicated to supporting interdisciplinary faculty through the process of turning research into innovations for the prosperity of the state of Washington and beyond.

The five-member Semplice team came together thanks to support from the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps (I-Corps) grant that WSU received in 2016. The three-year grant supported the launch of a LEAN Accelerator program – an advanced 8-week course designed to increase student and faculty participation in entrepreneurial endeavors.

WSU also offers support for innovation and entrepreneurship through the offices and programs outlined here.