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Counter Bias Training Simulation reaches officers with gap fund support

In September, nearly 600 police executives, managers, trainers, and officers will observe the launch of Counter Bias Training Simulation developed at WSU, thanks in part to the Commercialization Gap Fund.

“Without the gap fund, we would not be able to get our interactive training into the hands of the police officers who will benefit,” said Lois James, the researcher who developed the training.

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Murdock Commercialization Grant Boosts Innovation

For the second year, the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust is supporting Pacific Northwest researchers in turning lab discoveries into products or services that will improve your life. The Trust’s  Commercialization Initiative Fund is dedicated to supporting projects that have reached the “valley of death,” a stretch of time between academic grants and private investment where very little funding exists. » More …

Private support advances research and industry

EME 6 demonstration on Wednesday, April 29, 2015.
EME 6 demonstration on Wednesday, April 29, 2015.

Once again, WSU is a key player in a statewide effort to address the critical national need for a reliable and secure electric power grid. WSU’s long history and expertise in power engineering makes it an obvious partner for these public-private partnerships. Securing major state and federal funding, like the $2.25 million Clean Energy Fund grant that the Department of Energy is matching for this new project, is crucial to advancing research and innovation. However, WSU’s role in this project also points to the importance of smaller, private contributions that make this kind of collaboration possible. » More …

WSU lends helping hand through “valley of death”

For the second year, WSU is supporting researchers in moving innovations from the lab to the marketplace through the Commercialization Gap Fund (CGF). The CGF program provides financial assistance to advance technologies that are at the end stage of research, but require additional development before entering the marketplace.

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